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Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry

about the School


The Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in Poznan offers students:
• A three-year Bachelor of Science course
• A two-year supplementary Master of Science course
• A one-year postgraduate course

I and II cycle studies in Tourism and Recreation within the confines of three majors:
• Hotel Management and Catering Industry
• Tourism Service
• Management and Marketing in Hotels, Restaurants, Tourism and Recreation
• Physical Recreation

The above standards are in conformity with directives on the model of higher education and targets of Bologna Declaration included in the Law No. 120/2004 of 21st October 2004.

The Academy conducts full-time and extramural courses. The organization of the academic year and the timetable of classes are presented to students during the inauguration of the academic year. Students of full-time and extramural courses are obliged to complete a 15-week student’s training period.
• Full-time courses – classes are conducted on weekdays from 8.00
• Extramural courses – classes are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00