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BA Studies (licencjat)

The College offers BA studies that combine philological programs with a currently developing range of Humanities, exemplified by the new European Studies course – a novelty in the College curriculum.
Philological studies are designed for students who see proficiency in a foreign language as an indispensable condition of their future professional career.
A modern curriculum and expert teaching staff provide a high quality learning environment.
The students have a selection of different specializations related to the three main professions in high demand on the labor market:
foreign language teaching – for people who see their professional future in teaching,
Business language – for people intending to find their professional future in administration and commercial institutions
translation – for people aiming to develop the competencies necessary for a profession as a translator/interpreter
The curriculum covers both the subjects related to the development of practical language skills and a package of supplementary subjects (such as literature, history, life and institutions of a given country). The curriculum is developed on the basis of the obligatory standards of academic education and it allows the Students to see the language in its historic and cultural context which profoundly facilitates better understanding.

English Philology
German Philology
Romance Philology
Spanish Philology
Swedish Philology
Japanese Philology
Chinese Philology
Applied Linguistics
BA Level Studies – European Studies

European Studies at PCML provide a unique offer for those with an interest in Humanities, who intend to develop this interest and combine it with practical skills of management and organization.

The main features of this program involve the following:
development of practical skills,
interdisciplinary character
correspondence to labor market needs
intensive language training

This program is designed for people who intend to develop their career path in the institutions of central and local administration, in the European Union bodies, cultural and social centers at both national and international level. The Students have the following four options to choose from:
European Funds
Territorial Marketing
European Enterprise
Cultural Projects Management

MA Level Studies

MA studies are intended for the graduates of BA studies holding a BA degree in a certain philology, or of other linguistic studies that meet the requirements of the curriculum. These studies differ from BA level mainly in having a scientific, academic character. Over the two years of MA studies the Students draft an MA dissertation.
We offer MA level studies in
English Philology
German Philology

Other Programs

Other postgraduate programs are intended for candidates wishing either to extend or to acquire new vocational competence. The nature of these programs enables their participants to attain this objective over two, three or four semesters of learning, depending on the program.

The College runs three postgraduate programs:

The School of Translation and Interpreting. The objective of this program is to provide linguistic knowledge and develop the skills indispensable for professional future translators/interpreters from and into English and German. The studies prepare the participants for the profession of an interpreter/translator with respect to a broad range of topics and forms of expression. The areas to be developed involve both the expansion of the command of foreign languages, the topics related to politics, economy and culture of England and Germany, and the development of practical skills required to render efficient and professional translation/interpretation. These objectives are possible due to the workshop character of the classes as well as the maximization of actual translation/interpretation rendered by the students.

Business Language
Business English
Business German (Wirtschaftsdeutsch)

The graduates of this program achieve a high level of linguistic skills in their respective languages on the basis of professional, vocational and business jargon. Simultaneously, they develop a range of skills that will prove useful in a variety of professional situations, such as making appointments, writing correspondence, obtaining and imparting information concerning products and services, client servicing, or financial negotiations. What is exceptionally useful is the command of written Business English/German: drawing business reports, writing both emails and traditional letters.

Language Teaching

The postgraduate studies in foreign language teaching are intended for persons professionally occupied with language teaching. The following programs are offered:
Postgraduate English Language Teaching Studies
Postgraduate German Language Teaching Studies
Postgraduate Spanish Language Teaching Studies

Practical learning

These postgraduate studies are intended for people who wish to improve their proficiency in a foreign language.

Foreign Language Courses

PCML runs an extensive range of language training and programs at various levels and learning intensity. We offer courses of English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and Swedish.

PCML is a British Council Supplier Institution for Cambridge ESOL examinations. There are courses that prepare the students for international certificate exams.

PCML is also a licensed examination center of „Swedex” international exams in Swedish.