about the School

Bachelor’s Degree Programme (1st Cycle Mode)

Bachelor’s Degree programme is a first cycle mode that takes three years to complete. The subjects selected for the programme ensure that during the 6 semesters students can be prepared for an attractive profession with a wide selection of practical skills and qualifications.
At the Faculty of Management and Logistics, WSL offers three fields of study: Management, Logistics in the following specializations:
Logistics Studies:

International Logistics (Dual Studies)
Transport and Shipping
Trade and Distribution Logistics
Urban Logistics
Sports Logistics
Management Studies:
Logistics Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Occupational Hygiene and Safety Management
Sales Management

Engineer’s Degree Programme (1st Cycle Mode)

The Engineer’s degree programme is a first cycle mode. Graduates are eligible for second cycle mode to pursue a Master’s degree. The engineer studies at WSL take 3,5 years to complete and on graduation students are granted an engineer’s degree. The engineer’s degree programme belongs to the Logistics Studies with the following specializations:

Logistics Systems Engineering
E-commerce and Mobile Technologies in Logistics
Logistics Information Systems

Master’s Degree Programme (2nd Cycle Mode)

The Master’s degree programme lasts 4 semesters and include specialist subjects which allow to continue and expand the student’s education in the field of logistics. The Master’s degree programme is part of the Logistics and Management Studies. Students can choose from 7 specializations:

Logistics Studies:
Logistics (Processes) Planning
Enterprises Logistics
Logistics Manager
Management Studies:
Courier Services Management
Sales Manager
Real Estate Management
Accountancy and Corporate Finance Management

Postgraduate Programmes

WSL offers also postgraduate studies, which help students to broaden their already acquired knowledge. The teaching staff of WSL, the specialists from the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, as well as renowned business practitioners share their innovative knowledge, their solutions, and their professional experience. The postgraduate programme offers a wide spectrum of courses, ranging from the widely understood field of logistics to courses not strictly related to logistics.