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Poznań University of Economics



Established in 1926, the Poznań University of Economics is one of the best, oldest and most prestigious economic universities in Poland, widely renown for its academic excellence.
The school’s reputation is built on high educational standards consistent with the world’s latest teaching methods and business trends.
The Poznań University of Economics is the only university in Poland to enjoy full academic rights in economic, management and commodity sciences. Education is provided in the form of first-, second- and third-level studies, MBA programmes as well as post-master’s degree studies.
The University has been awarded the following certificates and accreditations confirming that its teaching and research standards comply with the highest academic requirements: accreditation from the State Accreditation Committee for programmes in the faculties of Economics and Management; certificates from the EPOQS Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education; the ISO 9001:2000 certificate (the only one in Poland) issued by the world-class certification company Det Norske Veritas for the Faculty of Commodity Science; high evaluation by the Scientific Research Committee.

PUE and the world

Poznań University of Economics lays great emphasis on the internationalisation of education and research. It offers specialisations taught in English, Doctoral Seminars in English as well as blocks of lectures delivered in foreign languages – most of them taught in English, some in German, French and Russian. The transfer of international education standards is ensured through international exchange programmes, including the prestigious double-diploma agreements. About five hundred students and academics per year can benefit from them thanks to regular co-operation with over hundred universities around the world. The number of foreign partner universities co-operating with Poznań University of Economics is growing. The University’s lecturers actively participate in the work of international research networks and groups, and in intergovernmental research projects. They also deliver guest lectures at universities abroad. The number of international research consortia and projects financed from European funds is also constantly expanding.

PUE and business

The University’s curriculas meet the requirements of the global labour market. They are coherent with world trends in managerial education and with the latest ideas in the development of economic thought and business. They are also deeply practice-oriented. The school is unique in Poland to offer blocks of subjects taught by highly-qualified specialists from the world of business, by bosses and managers of leading corporations and companies, and by professors from foreign universities. Another distinguishing feature of the curricula offered by Poznań University of Economics is that management and economic sciences are combined with the most recent ideas in the field of information technologies but also with law and social sciences. Thanks to this wider educational context, PUE students have a comprehensive view of economics and are able to function fully in today’s business. They not only obtain a thorough university education – they also develop practical skills expected of professional managers. The study conducted by one of the leading Polish newspapers shows that PUE belongs to the exclusive group of the universities educating the leading economic decision-makers and the high-level managers.

Links with business

Broad and long-lasting relations with business practice are assured thanks to the Partner Club of Poznań University of Economics. Its members – Polish and international firms as well as reputed business organisations – support the University to adjust its courses to the needs of the rapidly changing business environment and support the school in carrying out its educational mission: they provide specialist materials for use in class, hold lectures and training courses. Besides the involvement in the development of study programmes the cooperating companies offer PUE students the opportunity to gain practical experience and insight into company life through a comprehensive programme of traineeships and placements. They also participate in joint expert and advisory projects as well as academic research.

Career Office

PUE actively supports its students and graduates in their career development. The Career Office assists them in finding internships, placements and employment. The Office runs a large, computerized and daily updated database of employment offers and graduate profiles. The Office receives several hundred offers from potential employers monthly.

PUE is co-operating with dozens of international companies such as: KPMG, P&G, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, MasterFoods, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Nivea, Volkswagen.

Each year there is a Job Fair at the University, where students meet their prospective employers.

Awards for the University

New Eduniversal Best Masters & MBA Worldwide ranking (courses in Polish)

Poznań University of Economics has been awarded in 9 categories (the only University from Poland to achieve that):
– Human Resources Management (Course: Management) – 4th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Human Resources Management Regional Ranking,
– Master in Information Systems for Business and Administration – 6th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Information Systems Management Regional Ranking,
– Investment and Corporate Financial Strategy (Course: Finance and Accounting) – 13th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Corporate Finance Regional Ranking Quality,
– Master in Quality Design of Food Products – 16th place in the category Top 50 Best Masters in Luxury Management: Food and Beverage Global Ranking,
– Master in Trade and Marketing – 16th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Marketing Regional Ranking,
– Design of Food Products (Course: Commodity Science) – 36th place in the category Top 50 Best Masters in Agribusiness/Food Industry Management Global Ranking,
– Trade and Marketing (Course: Management) – 36th place in the category Top 50 Best Masters in Retail Sales Management Global Ranking,
– Business consulting (Course: Management) – 44th place in the category Top 50 Best Masters in Business Intelligence, Knowledge and Security Management Global Ranking,
– Financial Engineering (Course: Informatics and Econometrics) – 66th place in the category Top 100 Best Masters in Financial Markets Global Ranking.

Moreover, 11 specializations have been awarded in the following categories:

– Finance, audit and taxes – 7th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Accounting and Auditing Regional Ranking,
– Communication in Business (Course: Management) – 7th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Communications Regional Ranking,
– Global and managerial economics (Course: Economics) – 7th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Economics Regional Ranking,
– Corporate Management (Course: Management) – 7th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in General Management Regional Ranking,
– Production Management – 9th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Engineering and Project Management Regional Ranking,
– Social Services Finance and Management (Course: Social Policy) – 9th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in Public Administration / Management Regional Ranking,
– International Business (Course: International Trade Relations) – 12th place in the category Top 200 Best Masters in International Management Regional Ranking,
– Master in Hotel Management – 50th place in the category Top 100 Best Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Management Global Ranking,
– Electronic Business (Course: Informatics and Econometrics) – 65th place in the category Top 100 Best Masters in E-Business Global Ranking,
– Investment and Real Esteta Management (Course: Management) – 68th place in the category Top 100 Best Masters in Real Estate Management Global Ranking,
– Entrepreneurship in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Course: Management) – 74th place in the category Top 100 Best Masters in Entrepreneurship Global Ranking.