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International Business encompasses wide range of economic and business problems
The topics of this specialization are adjusted to the needs of managers, who engage in various forms of international cooperation. We focus on new investment technologies and procedures of management. The objective of this specialization is to prepare analysts and managers of different stages of management in international enterprises. The focus is put on the techniques of making a decision in diverse conditions of international business and solving the strategic problems connected with the cultural diversity and political risk.

Areas of study
* Globalization and regional economic integration
* International corporate finance
* International management of enterprises
* Service of international business

The graduate can work at:
* support units for boards of directors in companies running the import-export business
* operational, analytical and managerial positions in international corporations, institutions of national and international administration
* diplomatic posts
* run their own business on international scale

An elite and interdisciplinary program
This program encompasses both general and specialist knowledge in the field of economics and management. The students will know how to understand the processes that govern world and local economies and how to use the tools available to make financially responsible decisions.
The program will show students how the financial markets function, how to analyze financial situation of a company, how to make financially responsible decisions. The students will also learn how to secure financially economic activity, how to use the means the company has effectively and how to judge their use.

Areas of study
The program is based on four major areas:
* Accounting, selected courses: Corporate and business accounting, Managerial accounting, Tax systems,
* Finance, selected courses: Public finance, Corporate finance, Local government finance and EU financial system, Behavioral finance,
* Insurance, selected courses: Personal and commercial insurance,
* Management, selected courses: Private asset and wealth management, Portfolio management.

Because of our analytical approach to the functioning of companies combined with necessary and up-to-date theoretical knowledge graduates of this program have numerous opportunities of employment, for example in:
* financial and accounting departments as a financial analysts or brokers,
* public sector – various positions,
* corporations as advisors, portfolio managers or head accountants,
* establishing their own companies.

We aim at educating a new class of managers who will be able to creatively and effectively function in the global electronic economy
All the prognoses and job market analyses show that demand for e-business specialists will be growing, not only in Poland but also in Europe and the USA. Our graduates having studied IT, economics and management will have a competitive advantage on the global job market.
E-business requires the managers to be versatile. That’s why the programme is constructed to meet the needs of a full education in economics and in creating and implementing information technologies in international companies.The graduate will be well-prepared to cooperate with IT specialists and engineers. Having the knowledge of IT and economics they will be natural leaders in interdisciplinary teams responsible for the development of electronic business in companies.

Areas of study
The programme is based on two groups of subjects:
* IT, some courses: Information systems, Information technology, Computer programming, Database systems, Digital content management, Business processes in organisations, Advanced internet technologies.,
* Economics and management, some courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Law, Corporate finance, Financial accounting, electronic economy, E-business strategies.

The graduates will be equipped with the knowledge of:
* Company management
* Economic aspects of company functioning
* Description, preparation, creation and implementation of information technologies in international companies.

Future employment options:
* Consulting companies
* IT companiesInternational corporations
* SMEs
* Local administration
* EU administration